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P 7742 EU経済政策

EU, 2011.01.13

The annual growth survey is the first step in a new system to help national governments more closely coordinate their responses to the EU's main economic challenges.

It is part of the new 'European semester', an annual six-month cycle during which governments benefit from the input of their peers at EU-level as they formulate their budgetary and economic policies. Working together on economic policy from the get-go will make it easier for EU countries to pursue shared targets and address common concerns.


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P 7735 P.Krugman, Can Europe Be Saved ?

NYTimes, 2011.01.12






1 バルト3国に活路

2 債務の再構成

3 アルゼンチン化

4 ヨーロッパの復活

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P 7717 EUの財政対策・年金対策

AFP, 2011.01.12

European governments must make deeper budget cuts and raise the retirement age to overcome the debt crisis rocking the euro, the European Commission said in a new annual report on Wednesday.

The European Union's executive arm called on the bloc's 27 members to pursue structural reforms in its first-ever Annual Growth Survey, which kicked off an unprecedented review of national budgets created in the wake of the crisis.
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P 7714 EU 失業率 11月 10.1%


The euro area1 (EA16) seasonally-adjusted2 unemployment rate3 was 10.1% in November 2010, unchanged compared with October4. It was 9.9% in November 2009. The EU271 unemployment rate was 9.6% in November 2010, unchanged compared with October4. It was 9.4% in November 2009.
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P 7679 EU:国連の障害者条約を批准

EU, 2011.01.05

Following formal ratification, it is the first time in history the EU has become a party to an international human rights treaty – the United Nation's (UN) Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities.

The Convention aims to ensure that people with disabilities can enjoy their rights on an equal basis with all other citizens. It is the first comprehensive human rights treaty to be ratified by the EU as a whole. It has also been signed by all 27 EU Member States and ratified by 16 of these (see Annex). The EU becomes the 97th party to this treaty.

The Convention sets out minimum standards for protecting and safeguarding a full range of civil, political, social, and economic rights for people with disabilities. It reflects the EU's broader commitment to building a barrier-free Europe for the estimated 80 million people with disabilities in the EU by 2020, as set out in the European Commission's disability strategy (IP/10/1505).
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P 7595 EUの貧困政策

euroactiv, 2010.12.17

*会議 2010.12.16

The Commission's proposals are set out in the so-called 'The European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion' (EPAPSE), one of seven 'flagship initiatives' developed under the framework of the 'Europe 2020' strategy, which was adopted by EU leaders in June.
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P 7594 ドイツ連邦政府広報局記事から:EU首脳会議

bundesregierung, 2010.12.17

Mit einem dauerhaften Krisenmechanismus sichern die Europäer die Stabilität ihrer gemeinsamen Währung. Das haben die EU-Staats- und Regierungschefs am Freitag in Brüssel beschlossen. Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel zeigte sich zufrieden und begrüßte, dass die Euroländer ihre gesamte Wirtschaftspolitik künftig enger aufeinander abstimmen wollen: von der Innovationsförderung bis zur Sozialpolitik.


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P 7477 ヨーロッパとマフィア(ビデオ)


ビデオ 24分05秒



Europe is in the middle of its worst financial crisis for decades, and many are feeling the pain as people across the continent demonstrate against government cuts.

As unemployment grows, public services are slashed and billions of Euros go to bailing out the banks, and the continent's hard pressed taxpayers are being asked to embrace austerity and contribute more.

The European Union is one of the main recipients of their money. Its huge budget is drawn from its member states, hundreds of billions of Euros that are meant to be redistributed as grants, to the projects and places most in need.

However not all of that money is going where it should. For several months, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism has been looking into EU finances, and it has uncovered evidence of massive fraud.
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P 7437 ギリシャとの別れ



It's not an easy time to leave Greece. Firstly, as a journalist because "the story" has not yet run its course.

The economic pain is bound to deepen over the coming months, and it's difficult to predict whether Greece will pull through, or whether it will eventually have to default on its enormous debts, with uncertain consequences for Europe and beyond in this febrile economic climate.

And, secondly, as a friend of Greece, it's a bad time to say goodbye, for the simple reason that the country is now an unhappy place.

Old people are anxious, young people want out. There's a widespread perception that things are going to get worse. I hope that perception is wrong, and I can come back in happier times.


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P 7380 EU:教育に関する委員会決定



The EU Sustainable Development Strategy, first adopted in Gothenburg in 2001 and subsequently reviewed in 2006 and 2009, which provides a framework for a long-term vision of sustainability in which economic growth, social cohesion and environmental protection go hand in hand, and which highlights the key role of education as a prerequisite for promoting the behavioural changes and providing all citizens with the key competences needed to achieve sustainable development.
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