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P 7355 Political Economy, Oguro



Demographic Change, Intergenerational Altruism, and Fiscal Policy
- A Political Economy Approach -

16 November 2010

Kazumasa Oguro, Hitotsubashi Unviersity
Manabu Shimasawa, Akita University
Reiko Aoki, Hitotsubashi Univesrity
Takashi Oshio, Hitotsubashi University

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P 7341 OECD:日本の環境政策へ勧告


Japan should do more to fight climate change and protect biodiversity, according to a new OECD review of its environment. Tackling these two problems would improve the environment and help boost long-term growth.

OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurrìa commends Japan for addressing environment as part of the response to the economic and financial crisis. Japan has already allocated USD 28 billion – about 16% of the anti-crisis package – to environment related measures.
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P 7316 内需拡大を:アメリカのシンクタンク

The Local, 2010.11.12

An American think tank has criticised Sweden for maintaining a constant current account surplus and urged the country to undertake measures to stimulate domestic demand.

"Sweden has not taken sufficient measures to reduce its current account surplus," non-profit New America Foundation, a non-profit, non-partisan US-based think tank, wrote in a statement on Thursday.

"Its fiscal policy should be more expansionary; it should encourage currency appreciation; and it should open its domestic market to foreign goods."

Sweden was one of 11 countries with a manufacturing based economy that the New American Foundation has included on its newly launched "Current Account Surplus Watch". The list also includes 10 resource based economies.

Five of the countries considered to have excessively large surpluses are members of the G20, which is currently holding a summit in Seoul. The countries are China, Japan, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Germany.
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P 7268 自由化とコメ:アルジェジーラ東京特派員





Japan is urging Asia-Pacific economies to trade more openly as a way to boost the global economy.

But farmers in the country are worried that fierce competition from abroad could cost them their jobs.

Up to now, local farmers have been protected with tariffs on nearly 800 per cent on imported rice.

Al Jazeera's Rob McBride reports from Tokyo.
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P 7011 Japan Goes From Dynamic to Disheartened

NYTimes 2010.10.17




crisis confidence


destructive destrction

When asked in dozens of interviews about their nation’s decline, Japanese, from policy makers and corporate chieftains to shoppers on the street, repeatedly mention this startling loss of vitality. While Japan suffers from many problems, most prominently the rapid graying of its society, it is this decline of a once wealthy and dynamic nation into a deep social and cultural rut that is perhaps Japan’s most ominous lesson for the world today.  p.2
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P 6466 Nikkei Stock Average was off 3.6%


Japan's Nikkei Stock Average was off 3.6%, Australia's S&P/ASX 200 was 0.8% lower, South Korea's Kospi Composite fell 1.2%, China's Shanghai Composite Index was down 0.5%. Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index slid 0.8% and India's Sensex was 0.5% lower.


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P 6757 HTM


Since 1987, HTM has provided finance and administration services to multinational companies operating in Japan.

Based in Tokyo, HTM is a leading accounting, payroll, HR, and general administration process specialist for small to medium sized Japanese subsidiaries—leading with a proactive team of specialists, bilingual database systems, and documented processes backed by 25 years experience.

With our team of experienced specialists doing your daily work, we get to know your business in detail.

From that detailed knowledge our team proactively delivers accounting, payroll, and HR processing that is complete, accurate, timely, and meets Japanese regulations combined with professional senior management support.
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P 5317 菅総理:ギリシャ型経済を避ける

France24 2010.06.11

Japan's new Prime Minister Naoto Kan on Friday pledged a fiscal policy overhaul to reduce the country's massive public debt mountain, warning of a Greece-style meltdown.

"Our country's outstanding public debt is huge," the centre-left leader said in his first policy address since taking office Tuesday. "Our public finances have become the worst of any developed country."

After decades of stimulus spending and feeble tax receipts, Japan's public debt is now nearly double its gross domestic product, forcing the government to issue ever more bonds to pay for hefty outlays.
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P 4107 The Economist

The Economist

ロンドン・エコノミスト 2010.03.15

ikeda witter から


IT'S tempting fate to point this out, but the loony fringe in Japan’s new government, as represented by Shizuka Kamei, the foghorn of a financial-reform minister, has become refreshingly mute lately. The quieter it gets, the more some sensibly nuanced discussions on economic policy are beginning to emerge from the cabinet of Yukio Hatoyama, the prime minister.
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P 3841 トヨタ アメリカ裁判所から召喚状

テレビ 新聞 オンライン



・社会保障 社会福祉 社会問題 介護政策
・経済や政治のうち、「社会」にかかわりのある部分 都市環境 自然環境 教育など



Toyota receives grand jury subpoena

*subpoena 召喚状

Carmaker Toyota has received a subpoena ordering it to provide documents to a US federal grand jury investigating safety concerns that have led to the recall of more than eight million vehicles.


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