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P 7640 官僚からシンクタンクへ:The Japan Times


A few years before the end of the Edo Period in 1865, prominent samurai Sakamoto Ryoma founded a private navy and the Kameyama Shachu trading company in Nagasaki and led the movement to overthrow the Tokugawa shogunate.

Last month, inspired by his effort more than 140 years ago to lead Japan into a new era, Ichiro Asahina, 37, left the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and established the Tokyo policy think tank Aoyama Shachu along with fellow former bureaucrat Hiromichi Endo.

Founded Nov. 15, Ryoma's birthday and the anniversary of his death under the old lunar calendar, the think tank's stated goal is to create a grand strategy for Japan's future.


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P 7518 真珠湾攻撃69年

MikSの浅横日記 2010.12.08



 他の生々しい写真に劣らず、一面ぶち抜きで見出しだけの‘JAPS BOMB HAWAII’という記事が衝撃の大きさを物語っていて興味深い。
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P 7322 ジョセフ・ナイ:内向きになった日本



The main danger for Japan today is a tendency to turn inward, rather than becoming a global civilian power that realizes its great potential to produce global public goods. For example, Japan’s aid budget has declined, and only half as many Japanese students study overseas as did two decades ago. An inward-looking Japan would be a loss for the entire world.
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P 7135 Japan and China island row flares at Asean summit


A diplomatic spat between China and Japan over a group of disputed islands has flared up again, hours after an apparently friendly bilateral meeting.

Beijing accused Tokyo of distorting facts over September's collision between two Japanese patrol boats and a Chinese trawler in the East China Sea.
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P 3423 Destination Japan, AU

The Australian
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P 2667 DNAによる人類の起源



Genetics: SNP Study Supports Southern Migration Route to Asia
Dennis Normile
A massive effort to catalog genetic variation among Asians has just weighed in on the peopling of that vast continent. As described on page 1541 of this week's issue of Science, a 40-institution consortium has concluded that Asia was initially settled by a single wave of migration along the coast; exactly when is still to be determined.


Asia harbors substantial cultural and linguistic diversity, but the geographic structure of genetic variation across the continent remains enigmatic. Here we report a large-scale survey of autosomal variation from a broad geographic sample of Asian human populations. Our results show that genetic ancestry is strongly correlated with linguistic affiliations as well as geography. Most populations show relatedness within ethnic/linguistic groups, despite prevalent gene flow among populations. More than 90% of East Asian (EA) haplotypes could be found in either Southeast Asian (SEA) or Central-South Asian (CSA) populations and show clinal structure with haplotype diversity decreasing from south to north. Furthermore, 50% of EA haplotypes were found in SEA only and 5% were found in CSA only, indicating that SEA was a major geographic source of EA populations.
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P 1861 Typhoon


At least two people have been killed and dozens more injured in Japan, as a powerful typhoon swept its way up the main island of Honshu.
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P 1048 ドイツ紙SZオンラインが伝える日本の地震

Sueddeutsche Zeitung


Starke Erdbeben haben den Indischen Ozean und Teile Japans erschüttert. Durch ein Beben der Stärke 6,5 sind in Zentraljapan Dutzende Menschen verletzt worden. In einigen Geschäften im Raum der betroffenen Provinz Shizuoka fielen Waren aus den Regalen, Mauern stürzten ein und Teile von Straßenbelägen brachen weg.

*Google ニュース ドイツ版から。
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P 1045 Tropical storm lashes Japan

Al Jazeera

More than 47,000 residents of western regions were forced into emergency shelters as winds of up to 108kph battered the region, national broadcaster NHK reported.
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P 0722 日本の環境政策:FIIA

Finnish Institute of International Affairs

FIIA Briefing Papers

by Alexandru Luta,
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