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2010年 11月 20日 ( 11 )

P 7380 EU:教育に関する委員会決定



The EU Sustainable Development Strategy, first adopted in Gothenburg in 2001 and subsequently reviewed in 2006 and 2009, which provides a framework for a long-term vision of sustainability in which economic growth, social cohesion and environmental protection go hand in hand, and which highlights the key role of education as a prerequisite for promoting the behavioural changes and providing all citizens with the key competences needed to achieve sustainable development.
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P 7379 ニュージーランド:精神障害克服計画



The Action Plan describes a work programme of Ministry-led activities in four key areas through to November 2011 to advance the Government's priorities for mental health and addictions.
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P 7378 イギリス保健省:知的障害への標準ガイダンス



There are an estimated 1.5 million people with learning disabilities in the UK. This guidance will help central and local government organisations understand how they can communicate with all disabled people, including people with learning disabilities.

The guidance focuses on creating Easy Read, which uses simple words and pictures to communicate complex messages. People with learning disabilities are involved in developing the publications to make sure they are easy to understand.

This guidance demonstrates the government's commitment to ensuring everyone can understand information that affects their everyday lives and can participate in their own community.
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P 7377 アメリカ厚生省:地域保健センターへの投資



The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) today announced the awarding of nearly $8 million for existing Community Health Center Cooperative Agreements.

These agreements will provide additional training and technical assistance on a national, regional and state basis to community-based organizations that support community health centers. Funding for the grants is made available by the Affordable Care Act.
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P 7376 ドイツ連邦労働社会大臣:年金支給開始67歳

2010.11.17 閣議決定


Das Bundeskabinett hat heute den von Arbeits- und Sozialministerin Ursula von der Leyen vorgelegten Bericht "Aufbruch in die altersgerechte Arbeitswelt" zur Anhebung der Regelaltersgrenze auf 67 Jahre beschlossen.

Die Entwicklung der Erwerbstätigkeit Älterer auf einen Blick:
Die Zahl der Arbeitslosen über 55 Jahre hat sich im Vergleich zum Jahr 2000 nahezu halbiert.
Die Zahl älterer Erwerbstätiger zwischen 55 und unter 65 Jahren ist von 2005 bis 2009 um mehr als eine Million angestiegen.
Im Alter von 55 bis 64 Jahren haben drei von vier Beschäftigten sozialversicherungspflichtige Vollzeitjobs. Es gibt deutlich mehr und bessere Jobs für Ältere als früher.
Profitiert haben gerade auch jene im Alter zwischen 60 und unter 65 Jahren: Ihre Erwerbstätigenquote hat sich seit 2000 von rund 20 Prozent nahezu verdoppelt und lag im zweiten Quartal 2010 bereits bei 41,1 Prozent.
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P 7375 ドイツ家庭省:第6次高齢者報告



Das Bundeskabinett hat am 17. November den 6. Altenbericht "Altersbilder in der Gesellschaft" behandelt und die dazu unter Federführung der Bundesfamilienministerin erarbeitete Stellungnahme der Bundesregierung beschlossen. "Der Sechste Altenbericht führt uns deutlich vor Augen: Kein Lebensabschnitt ist so vielfältig wie das Alter", sagte Kristina Schröder bei der Vorstellung des Berichts.
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P 7374 Hiaku, 2010.11.19



Golden moon
you also seeing it
my love

Ma Wen Tian (Beijing)
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P 7373 on World Social Security Report, ILO

finchannel, 2010.11.17

*via ISSA

GENEVA. A new report by the International Labour Office (ILO) says that while social security measures have played a critical role in reducing the social impact of economic crises both now and in the past, basic social security coverage remains out of reach for most of the world, especially in low-income countries.


This is the first in a new series of biennial reports that aim to map social security coverage globally, to presenting various methods and approaches for assessing coverage, and to identifying gaps in coverage. Backed by much comparative statistical data, this first report takes a comprehensive look at how countries are investing in social security, how they are financing it, and how effective their approaches are. The report examines the ways selected international organizations (the EU, OECD and ADB) monitor social protection and the correlation of social security coverage and the ILO Decent Work Indicators. The report's final section features a typology of national approaches to social security, with a focus on countries' responses to the economic crisis of 2008 -- and the lessons to be learned, especially concerning the short- and long-term management of pension schemes.
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P 7372 介護保険制度改革(産経)



産経新聞 11月19日(金)20時32分配信
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P 7371 介護保険部会素案への意見(オンブズマン放談)





 しかも、これまでの社会保障審議会介護保険部会で、誰一人賛成意見を述べず、反対意見ばかりであった「ケアプランの有料化」についてまで厚かましく盛り込んである。11月19日の社会保障審議会介護保険部会で厚生労働省が提出した「制度見直し事項の財政影響試算」 に厚労省役人の姑息かつけちけち根性がもろに表れている。
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