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2010年 05月 31日 ( 8 )

P 5140 鳩山内閣、社民党を切る

xinhuanet 中国の英語ネット 2010.05.31

Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama said Monday that the departure of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) from the tripartite ruling coalition was "really disappointing."

"Unfortunately, we differ in basic views over national security, " Hatoyama told reporters.
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P 5139 ドイツの製造業

東亜日報 日本語版 2010.05.31 社説


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P 5138 デマラ氏(アメリカ):世界超偉人伝説

You Tube 録画9分


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P 5137 障害者自立支援法の改正案






●厚労委員長案要綱 (PDFファイル 203KB)
●厚労委員長案骨子 (PDFファイル 97KB)
●厚労委員長案法案 (PDFファイル 961KB)
●厚労委員長案新旧 (PDFファイル 1.8KB)
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P 5136 国会会議録



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P 5135 アメリカソーシャルワーカー協会クラーク会長




NASW NEWS Vol.55, No.5 May 2010

Great tragedies like the Haiti earthquake draw worldwide attention and unite our nations in their aftermath. Once the initial crisis has passed, we continue to use the events almost as reference points, and they enter our lexicon with shorthand phrases like “9-11,“ “the tsunami” and “Katrina,” recognized and understood by people everywhere.

Yet we forget on a daily basis that we are now a global society. What happens in one part of the world affects all others. While we each have our individual story, the stories of almost 7 billion people are woven together by weather and war, by politics and religion, by the economy, and even by music.
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P 5134 新生大島新聞



開設 2008.06.12
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P 5133 年金支給開始年齢の引き上げ

times onine 2010.05.30

The new government has pledged to raise the state pension thresholds. Bad news if you hoped to retire and put your feet up. Good news for the legions who don’t want to quit. Meet the workers who can’t stop – or won’t.

So what does the pensions bill look like? Alarming. According to OECD figures, average spending on public-sector pensions is now the equivalent of 5.7% of GDP — a percentage that could double in some countries by 2050. And if we take into account health expenditure, then the developed world could be spending nearly a quarter of its GDP on pensions and healthcare. No wonder many analysts believe that retirement as we know it is a thing of the past. It may be seen by future generations as merely a blip in terms of social history — an experiment in social welfare and philanthropy that seemed like a good idea at the time.
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